Overcome Procrastination Before It Ruins Your Life

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What 3 things you tend to procrastinate at? Declutter the house? Start a new hobby? Pay the bills? In our world today, we all live busy lives. So many things want to capture our attention, so much pressure to comply with this world that we eventually find ourselves procrastinating. We start delaying the small stuff like doing the dishes or trying a new recipe, and the repercussions may be trivial. Unfortunately, this is not the case for other matters.

  1. Your Identity. Knowing who you are and accepting yourself is essential to develop a sense of self. If you feel insecure or think that you are insignificant, you must take care of yourself now.

  2. Anger and Resentment. If you always feel angry or resent something or someone and keep replaying a previous injustice, you need to address that issue before it takes hold of your life. Don’t carry it for the rest of your life.

  3. Unforgiveness. Deep in your heart, you may know that you have to forgive either yourself or those who hurt you, but you keep pushing it away. Know that forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but strength. It takes courage and resilience to show grace than engage in acts of revenge.

  4. Pride. Thinking that you are superior to others is only an illusion and harms relationships. If you find yourself always devaluating others and being judgmental, reframing your thinking and addressing the underlying issues is essential.

  5. Envy and Jealousy. Comparing with others and being envious of their blessings only make you feel unhappy, frustrated, and unsatisfied. Don’t let it consume you.

And the list goes on. We usually delay in confronting those concerns for different reasons. It can be fear, fear to face ourselves and our emotions, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or it can also be indecision. We can’t bring ourselves to make a choice, and we just shy away from it. But it is vital to deal with our issues as soon as possible.

Overcome Procrastination.

  1. Identify and acknowledge. Take time to reflect and be honest with yourself. Ask God for wisdom to recognize what needs to be dealt with. He will show you.

  2. Make a list of priorities. Determine which one is more important for you to work on and what your expectations are. You can’t tackle everything at once; you will feel overwhelmed.

  3. Ask yourself about the consequences of failing to address the issues and how they will affect your life. Do you want to continue living like this? Now think about the rewards of dealing with them and overcoming them. How will it affect your well-being?

  4. Begin with small steps. It is a journey so take one single action at a time. The first step is the hardest. If you need help, take the courage to ask for it.

  5. Stay focused. Don’t keep yourself busy with other things to take your mind off the issue. Journaling can help.

Choosing to work on our issues is very challenging. It takes effort, determination, and tenacity to come face to face with ourselves and our fears. But overcoming them will free us from all the negativity that is polluting our hearts and mind. We will be able to live our lives wholeheartedly.

And the good news is we are not alone. God is with us. He says that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6-8). He is our helper and will help us if we ask Him. It may not be the way we expect, but God is a faithful God.

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