About me...

Certified Professional Life Coach
from Christian Coach Institute
(accredited by the International Coach Federation)

Cindy Athaw

For more than 8 years, I have been managing the administration department of a law firm. But I didn’t feel fulfilled or satisfied even though I had everything I wanted. I was wondering if there was more to life than just ‘work-caring for the kids-eat-sleep-socialize-travel.’ Deep down, I knew that God had a unique purpose for my life but I was afraid to step out. I was comfortable. I was afraid to fail and afraid of what others might think of me. This kept me from moving forward. I was stuck…

I knew that I had to overcome my fears, take a step of faith and trust God.

And coaching helped me to renew my mind, be the person God created me to be and take His promises. It was liberating!

Now, as a certified life coach, I want to help women embrace who they are, their uniqueness, find their true purpose, overcome their challenges so they can live a more meaningful life and be fulfilled.


What They Say about me

As a christian myself, who believes that God has a plan for my life, Cindy helped me succeed in what I felt was His plan for me, and therefore, I’ve experienced a huge relief in the accomplishment of my mission and I now see the fruits of it. Cindy has a deep faith, God is truly the core of her life, and being able to be coached by someone who understands my faith and with whom I can share all what God does in my life, every week and speak about it, is huge support as when I work with God, everything goes much quicker. 
She is discreet, punctual, efficient and benevolent, so many reasons which make  working with Cindy a huge support. 

Laurence, from Paris, France

Cindy is a unique person. I connected with her immediately. She was able to draw out of me things that I was unaware of, and I always had breakthroughs when coaching with her. Cindy created a safe place for me to be vulnerable and helped me implement a plan to move forward every time. I truly enjoyed her perspective in every topic we discussed. I am so thankful Cindy and I connected!

Cora , mother of young adult twin girls, from Michigan, USA

It was such a pleasure to work with Cindy. Her genuine, comforting presence always made me feel heard and understood. She also asks the best questions! Her creative questioning made me see my “stuck points” from a completely different perspective, and helped me see new ways forward toward my goal.

Maria, from California, USA