Helping stressed women

Facing life changes

To find Freedom

I want stressed and anxious women to be Free, to live the Life they aspire to, to fulfill their Purpose and Be Successful.

Cindy Athaw

Having over 15 years of experience at various positions in both the manufacturing and service sector, I have been through different life and career transitions. I understand the stress and anxiety women experience especially when facing life changes.

How can we work together?

You are stressed by changes in your life. You are physically and emotionally exhausted.
Anxious, You lack energy and motivation.
Now is the right time to take care of you.
As a coach, I will help you to:


1. Be Free

Face Life changes with confidence. Overcome your fears, stress, anxiety and resolve conflicts.


2. Create The Life You Want

Find your balance between your personal/family life and career. Set your priorities and boundaries.


3. Fulfill Your Purpose

Find the 'why' of your existence. Discover your passion and mission in this life.

Why Coaching?

As a woman, do you feel stressed and drained? You are filled with doubts and fears when facing changes in your life. You need to find your balance again.

Photo by Anthony Tran