My Packages

Package 1:
Find Your Own Personal Identity
Reconnect with your true self. You are unique. Be confident of who God created you to be. Discover your strengths, spiritual gifts, and core values. Understand and embrace your emotions. Overcome the fears and insecurities that hold you back. Others do not define who you are. Be free to be yourself. 

Package 2:
Live with Purpose
Discover your true purpose. Find what passionates you and gives meaning to your life. Be clear about your priorities. Overcome stress and anxiety to maintain a healthy balance between your work-family-personal and spiritual life. Have your peace and joy back.

Package 3:
Fulfill Your Destiny
Develop a strategic plan for your vision and mission. Set your goals and remain focused. Deal with challenges, setbacks, fear, and doubt in achieving your objectives. Expand your comfort zone and be bold with God’s strength. Don’t limit yourself.